Tillage is a Defi+NFT service based on agriculture, one of the planet's most important industries.


It was an autumn filled with the yellow color of ripe crops of a vast land.

A scarecrow wearing a straw hat and burlap robe stood tall and guarded the place. On the day when villagers gathered to gather ripe grain, a pretty woman, Soon-i, also appeared for harvest. The scarecrow was chasing out her crows and sheltering her from the autumn sun while Soon-i harvested her crops. After that day the scarecrow fell in love with a morbidity and began to think that he wanted to become a human being. One day, thankfully to his pleading love and earnest heart, the spirit of Soon-i’s father appeared to the scarecrow, and he spoke to the scarecrow.

“My straw scarecrow, pity the love for my daughter, and I will help you grow the most farmed rice in this village. If you harvest that rice and cook it for Soon-i for a year, you will become a human for the rest of your life. I will allow you to spend hundreds of years with my daughter Soon-i happily.”

The next day, the scarecrow had become a young man. He didn’t want to miss this opportunity, so he ran across the ditch to the village to obtain precious new year’s rice. During the winter he studied farming, and the following spring he planted a treasure on his land. He plowed the paddy fields, sowed his seeds, cultivated the rice, and spent all seasons meticulously to harvest the crops that he sowed. Upon receiving Soon-i's father's tearful promise to bring his great joy in the near future, the scarecrow ran straight to Soon-i on harvest day.

“Hey, can you kindly cook rice with this please?,” asked the Scarecrow. Soon-i was a bit perplexed, thinking that he was one of the villagers with whom she farmed, so she answered yes at the scarecrow's request. Soon-i washed the rice with clear water and cooked his shiny rice in a cauldron. When the rice was finished, the scarecrow said, “Soon-i, this rice was the rice I farmed for you. I'll be grateful if you eat it together deliciously." he asked Soon-i.

The rice she ate in one bite tasted just like the rice her deceased father farmed and fed, and Soon-i shed tears without realising it. That year, Soon-i shared with the villagers a hundred bags of rice harvested by the scarecrow and ate it all year round. In order to harvest more of her delicious grains, the Scarecrow planted Seoritae in the summer and produced various grains such as millet, barley, and wheat for each season.

After one year passed, two years passed, and three years passed, and the scarecrow did not return to the straw that guarded the town's original land. The scarecrow finally became a sweaty human, who married Soon-i, and he also had a son who is very healthy and lovely. The Scarecrow is teaching his son about rice farming this evening as well, and he could spend his rest of lifetime happily with Soon-i.

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